 Introduction to Java and Working with NetBeans IDE

Deployment of New / Existing Projects

Introduction to Object Oriented Programming, Classes , Objects, Constructor , Methods , Inheritance , Polymorphism

Variables, Naming Conversions, Data Types , Built-in Functions

Exploration of UTIL , LANG , IO , MATH , Collection Packages

Working with Windows JFrame, Understanding Properties and Events

Working with Swing Controls :

JButton JTextField JToogleButton JLabel
JTextArea JCheckBox JRadioButton CJProgressBar
JComboBox JTreeView JListBox JPanel
JTable JPictureBox JProgressBar JCalendar
JMenus JToolBar JSpinner JScrollBar
JSlider JInternalFrame JTabbedPane JDesktopPane
Multi Threading , Working with Error and Exception Handling

Control Structures : If Statements, Switch, While, Do-While, For Loop

File Streams : Text File , CSV File

Introduction to Networking & Socket Programming

Introduction to MySql Server , Work Bench , Creation / Import / Export of Database , Data Types , Tables , Primary Key ,

Foreign Keys , Null , Not null , Unique etc.,

Introduction to JDBC , Database Connection , Data Set , Data Tables, Data Views , etc.,

Working with Transaction Control Commands : Create , Select , Insert , Update, Delete , etc.,

Working with JTable, Graphs, etc.,

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